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26120 Jones Wharf Road
Hollywood, MD 20636

About Chesapeake Pet Resort & Day Spa. Your destination for dog and cat boarding & grooming in Southern, MD

Chesapeake Pet Resort & Day Spa was created by the current owner who had a dream of establishing a pet care facility in a rural area, with lots of home-like comforts and attention.  While researching several sites in different regions, Susan focused on developing a facility where pets would be well cared for beyond traditional facilities of the past, and where their owners would feel comfortable and relaxed about the care of their pets. By raising the bar in what customers had come to expect for pet care facilities, Susan was inspired to create an “above and beyond“ pet lodging experience with a home-style atmosphere. Susan realized that attention to details and a clean and safe environment for pets was essential.  Chesapeake Pet Resort & Day Spa set high goals and standards from the beginning to allow customers to expect more from their pet care providers, including clean facilities, pet interaction and exercise, unannounced facility tours, and professional, educated and trained staff.  Having chosen the current site, formerly known as "Hollywood Kennels," Susan got to work in transforming the property, buildings, and grounds to the current operation. 

 Above: Our Main Office and exterior front of main pet building and grounds as it appears today (2010)


Chesapeake Pet Resort & Day Spa sponsors staff in certification programs through the Pet Care Services Association and the Red Cross Pet First Aid Certification programs, including:

  • Certified Pet Care Technicians, PCSA
  • Certified Advanced Pet Care Technicians, PCSA
  • Certified Red Cross Technicians in Pet First Aid & CPR
  • Certified Professional Groomers

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