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Our Facility & Accommodations

Located on over 10 rural acres, Chesapeake Pet Resort & Day Spa was previously known as “Hollywood Kennels.” The main building includes 30 indoor-outdoor patio runs in addition to a separate cat area where the kitty condos are located. Interior canine areas are of block construction to provide privacy, and include 6-foot tall individual exterior galvanized fence partitions that measure 10-12 feet in length. In addition to significant renovations to the buildings and grounds, most of the fencing has also been replaced with new, as we’ve created several new play yard areas.

Each of the exterior doggie doors leading to the patio areas are fitted with PVC weather strip flaps for additional protection from the elements during the day, allowing pets to come and go as they please into their outside runs. At night and during inclement weather the solid interior doggie doors are closed to secure pets in the building. There are also double-gated security measures at every entrance to prevent escapes.

All pet guests are provided with lots of clean, fresh bedding morning to night as needed. Standard bedding includes blankets, bolster beds, comforters, and/or Kuranda Pet Cots for everyone’s comfort. Our sanitation regime includes daily cleaning to ensure a germ-free facility for our guests.

Our staff is frequently monitored and educated regarding significant pet health issues and warning signs for pets that may be in distress, allowing us to rapidly respond around the clock as needed. This may include contacting one or more of the quality local veterinarians for care and/or transport as a situation may warrant. In the event of storms, pets are individually monitored to reduce stress, day or night, and our Emergency Plan includes a network of resources with local pet aid organizations. 

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