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Daily Schedule

Welcome to our "Day in the Life" of Chesapeake Pet Resort & Day Spa!  Our pet care operations go on "around the clock," and often unseen behind the scenes, every day, and night, of the year with lots of dedicated and concerned professionals.  Here's a "snap shot" of a "typical" day, although every day greets us with new and individualized opportunities to care for each of your pets and get to know your family!  Our staff takes great strides in providing very clean and comfortable accomodations for our guests.  We go home exhausted, but proud in our efforts and attention with each pet, so that pets can relax, and families won't worry!

  ·       06:45 am: Morning shift arrives on-site and gathers for the daily Safety meeting before greeting each and every pet, usually by name, with a soothing "wake-up" visit.

·         07:00 am:  Doggie Doors go up and Cabin dog doors opened! (our neighbors love this time of day no doubt; we appreciate their understanding though as we get the pets up and out before they quiet down again shortly in due order. The dogs are very excited to see us in the morning). Morning cleaning ritual begins for all pets in all buildings with the first "health and comfort status check log" of the day, of every pet. 

      Canine guests go out for the 1st of 5 play yard potty and stretch times, while staff sanitizes their living areas.  Fresh laundry and water is provided. Extra bedding for winter months, and senior or arthritic pets. Kitty guests are also greeted and invited for romp and stretch time in the cat play area (inside!) Morning cleaning typically takes 2-3 hours to meet our rigorous cleaning and comfort standards. Doggie Daycare and Grooming guests also begin to arrive for the day. 

·         08:00 am:  Regimented feeding and medication administration typically begins with dedicated staff, individualized for each pet’s needs and schedule, using a series of pet logs and charts to account for everyone's needs and activities for the day.  Office staff opens up the lobby (Mon-Fri, Sat), and greets the day and customers and phones.

·         09:00 am:  Pets which ordered daily “Extras,” are taken out to enjoy their nature walks, extra playtimes, or other goodies requested by their humans! Staff continues to work on cleaning areas inside and out, as well as our “round the clock” laundry operation to ensure fresh bedding for all pets at all times.

·         09:00 am:  Extensive cleaning of the outside area typically begins with scooping, raking, and sanitizing of outside runs and play yards.  During warmer months, canine guests enjoy individual kiddie pools, which are cleaned and filled for the morning fun.

·         10:00 am – 12:00 pm:  Canine lodging guests participate in their 2nd outdoor play yard time with staff, or other guests as requested by their humans.  Doggie Daycare guests are gathered for the 1st of their hour long play yard sessions to see all their friends.  This is so fun to watch!

·         11:00 am – 3:00 pm:  Office closes during this time (Mon-Fri), but lots of activity continues behind the scenes so that we can ensure all pet and customer care responsibilities are taken care off with our busy operation.  Grooming pets check out by 12:00 pm as ready.  Office staff continues on with the bazillion administrative duties, pet data feeding, medication, special needs accounts and checks, grooming, and "Extras," log ins, staff schedules, phone calls and messages.  Lodging pets in need of lunch, mid-day medications or “Extras,” are tended to. (On a good day, we, the humans, even take a lunch break!) General lodging population has a “quiet time” after all the morning excitement. 

·         2:00 pm -4:00 pm: Cleaning and laundry continues.  Doggie Daycare guests are gathered for their next play yard session with lots of pool time (warmer months). Additional health and comfort status check for all guests on-site, in addition to regular frequent monitoring of all guests all day.

·         3:00 pm:  Afternoon office hours resume through 5:00 pm, (Sun, Mon-Fri), to attend to customers checking in or out, phone calls and messages.  Afternoon-evening staff arrives and gathers for afternoon safety meeting and discussion of special needs pets.

·         3:00pm – 6:00 pm:  Lodging canines enjoy their third outdoor playtime, staff and/or weather permitting, to stretch and romp (3:00 pm – 4:00 pm). Lodging guest “Extras” resume, with dinner and medications during the latter time frame, or as needed per pet at designated times. Doggie Daycare guests check out before 6:00 pm.

·         5:00 pm: Office officially closes for the day.  Pet care staff continues on into the evening.

·         5:00 pm – 9:00 pm:  More cleaning and laundry and preparation for pet comfort overnight.  Canine guests go out for another play yard break (5:00pm-6:30 pm), depending on what’s going on.  Clean bedding and straightening up for overnight pets. Extra bedding for winter months, and senior or arthritic pets. Bed time "Extras," Kong treats, and TV Snuggle times wrap-up. Final bed check and tuck-in after another busy day.  Many of the canine guests are settling in by 7:00 pm, if not already snoozing, after another action packed day. Staff secures all pets in for the night, closes doggie doors (9:00pm-11:00pm typically), and performs the final health & comfort status check for every pet. Building temperatures, night lights, tv's, and radios, are set for the night, and buildings secured.  Whew!....we made it!

      (Bedtime at the resort is one of the favorite times to experience during the pet care day.  We love to be able to see each and every pet snuggled in for the night, accounted for and content, safe, clean and comfortable, knowing their families are thinking of them.  So proud to be able to care for everyone's much loved pets and proud of such faithful staff who works so hard every day on their behalf).

·         9:00 pm – 7:00am: LAST LET OUT.  Each and every guest gets one last out time before calling it a night.  Water and bedding is replenished as needed.  Laura is on-site and available for any situations that may arise.  Pets are all snuggled in for the night and any howlers or pets with special needs are tended to during the night. Some pets are let outside again for potty breaks depending on their needs. We monitor the security cameras and audio surveillance during the night for any pets in distress.

      During significant storms, all pets are checked in on, no matter what time of night by Laura, who lives on-site, regardless of time or weather as needed (aka "the fuzzy slipper run"). During blizzards, hurricanes, or other extreme weather, Laura remains on site at the resort with extra focus, just to be sure everyone is safe, no matter what. 

·         06:45 am: morning staff arrives and eager to care for your pets today! And the cycle repeats itself.

      At Chesapeake Pet Resort & Day Spa, your pet's care is a priorty, not just an advertising slogan.  We hire staff dedicated to the serious committment required for your pet's physical, and emotional, well-being around the clock. Our staff is our best asset and "unsung" heros, often coming in with short or no notice, re-arranging schedules, family time, or personal plans, to be sure the pets on-site are taken care of every day of the year, including holidays, extreme and bad weather, and no matter what. 

       That is the Chessiepets difference!



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