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Chesapeake Pet Resort is a licensed pet care facility in accordance with the Regulations of St. Mary’s County Animal Control, St. Mary’s County Environmental Health Division, and the St. Mary’s County Sheriff. As such, and in addition to our own “Standards of Care,” we require the following:


All pets entering our facility must provide current records for at least the following vaccinations, administered by a licensed veterinarian (we are not able to accept pets vaccinated at home unless you are a licensed veterinarian):

Distemper (DHLPP)
Canine Flu (optional)
Feline Leukemia (preferred)

Vaccinations must be administered at least 10 days prior to lodging with us, if not current in the last year.

Vaccination records should be faxed in advance of your arrival, to 301-373-5155. Pets at check-in without proper records will be turned away.

Parasite Control

  • All pet guests should be current on some form of topical flea and tick preventative, as prescribed by your Veterinarian. Please do not bring bedding from home, that may possibly have uninvited critters aboard, to then enter our facility. We provide ample clean, fresh, bedding twice or more daily as needed.
  • Pets arriving with fleas or ticks will be turned away, or bathed, at our discretion, and at Owner’s expense for any bathing, flea and/or tick removal.

General Health Policies

  • Pets should be in good health and able to walk in on their own accord (except for cats that must be in a carrier or toy dogs that owners transport in a carrier).
  • Any pets arriving with evidence of coughing, sneezing, or otherwise readily apparent signs of illness or injury will not be permitted to stay.
  • Pets having had recent surgical procedures should speak with us individually, prior to arriving, to discuss any health issues that may be relevant.
  • Geriatric or special needs pets are on a case by case basis and require approval.  Additional fees apply as warranted for extra monitoring, cleaning, staffing, etc.

Inclusions and Policies

Included Daily Outdoor Playtimes

Rates include three to four or more outdoor playtime sessions per day for boarding dogs in addition to use of the indoor-outdoor patio-run kennels morning to evening, at no additional charge, (unique to our operation), fresh laundry and sanitized pet enclosures and facilities daily, heated and air conditioned facilities, televisions and night lights, and several other inclusions we would be happy to discuss at length. We utilize a large, educated and trained staff with attention to details, and frequent personal attention and cuddling with your pets, all of which is included in the lodging rate.

Pet Food

We provide Pedigree dry dog food at no additional fee, or you are welcome to bring your own food from home in pre-portioned plastic zipper baggies for each pet for each meal needed while staying with us, and sealed in a plastic tub of some sort. Please bring any canned food you wish to provide. We cannot accept food that has been pre-mixed with medicines. For cats, please bring your food of choice from home, and any special cat litter required. We provide clay litter at no additional charge.


We provide clean, fresh bedding twice or more and throughout the day and night, every day as needed with our room service staff. Please do not bring bedding from home, but if you must, we require it be laundered with bleach prior to arrival. We do not accept dog beds or comforters from home due to threat of fleas or ticks, limited storage areas, and inability to launder bulky items, which we will wash every day. Please label any leashes, toys, or food/treat containers for prompt return at check-out. We are not responsible for items that become lost while at our facility. Please do not bring valuable or irreplaceable items. We do not accept rawhide bones, slippery Greenie trets, or knuckle/leg bones for safety reasons. Please just bring your pet on a leash (or in a pet carrier), as well as any special food or medications. For sanitary reasons, please do not bring scented clothing, socks, or other items from home.

If your pet(s) destroy any bedding we provide, or any structures, or part of the facility, fees will apply.


We now request payment at Check-In (as of Sept 2012), and accept Cash, Master Card or Visa, Discover, or Checks. Our returned check fee is $50.00. Deposits are required for any lodging dates with us. Deposits for cancellations with 10 days notice will be credited for your next lodging or grooming visit, no refunds.  Emergency cancellations will be taken under advisement depending on the situation and clients standing.  Any refunds potentially offered require $20 fee for staff time to try and fill the spot and process payment.

Daily Rates

Rates are invoiced per day, not per night. Care of your pets starts very early each morning, and goes late into the night and around the clock, not just in overnight or per night periods. Caring for your pet from Saturday morning to Sunday evening is considered 2 days for invoicing purposes. A Saturday am drop off one week to a Saturday am (before 10am) pick up the next week, is considered 7 days for invoicing purposes.

First Day Fee

All pet guests are charged a full-day lodging fee for the first day, whether check-in occurs during morning or afternoon hours.

Early Check-Out

If you get back from your trip early and need to pick up your pet that is fine.  We do invoice though for any weekend or Holiday or Peak dates booked, for the entire period booked, as we will not be able to fill your spot at that time, which likely had a waiting list.


Prices for new customers were revised effective Sept 2012.  With no rate increases in over two years, the current wacky economy and increasing cost of dong business for us, has unfortunately necessitated the small increase.  Current customers prior to Sept 2012 will be invoiced at the rates applicable prior to Sept 2012 and/or per their most recent visit. Fees are established based on current needs of the business to meet expenses for quality staff and extensive training in procedures and safety protocols, utility expenses, taxes and insurance policies, as well as supplies, renovations, and general upkeep.  Further explanation of our pricing is described on our Rates page of this website.

Check-out Time:

No charge for check-out day if picked up by 10:00 am. Check-out after 10:00 am will result in additional half-day or full-day lodging fees for that day, depending on check out time before 5 pm. Sundays are always full fees or a full day, regardless of check-out time.

Business Hours

We are a business with established customer hours.  We offer customer hours seven days a week, most days of the year. Our office is closed on the major Holidays.  Despite popular misconceptions, we are not a 7-11. Pet care continues around the clock with regimented protocols and schedules to ensure all of the pets are taken care of, fed, medicated, cleaned, exercised, comforted, etc.  Disruption of our schedule often delays the care of your pet or other pets in reseidence.  Customers are permitted on the property during the business hours listed.  Other times are periodically available by appointment for additional fees. Our staff works very hard around the clock, every day of the year.  We appreciate those customers that respect our business hours and very limited family time. If these terms are not acceptable,  we suggest you consider alternative arrangements.

Driveway Gate Security

Please do not walk around the closed driveway gate if you arrive after hours. We ask that you return during posted business hours. In addition to startling staff and pet guests on the property, walking around the gate is considered tresspassing and will be handled accordingly.  We wouldn't walk into your yard or home with out prior arrangements.  Please extend us the same courtesy.

Ideal Pet Guests

We prefer pet guests that are friendly and like to be held or touched, pets that are well socialized, healthy, happy, and obedient, and less than 10 -12 years old. Please speak with us if your pet’s needs are outside of this range so we might best serve you, on a case-by-case basis.

Geriatric Pets

Geriatric or special needs pets are considered on a case by case basis and require prior approval.  Additional fees apply as warrented for extra monitoring, cleaning, care and staffing, etc.  Please consider boarding with your Veterinarian, as warranted in any situation, as a more reasonable option where emergency care is readily available if needed.  Our closest after hours emergency Vet is in Huntingtown or Waldorf; approx 45-60 minutes away.

Aggressive or Sick Pets

We do not accept pets that are aggressive, escape artists, pets that are sick or heavily medicated, pets with extreme separation anxiety or other mental health issues. Extra fees will incur for pets requiring extra staff and/or handling (or earplugs), in your absence. Anxious pets should visit their veterinarians prior to visiting us, to discuss possible medicinal aids if really necessary. We don’t support pet sedation, but sometimes “better living through chemistry,” is helpful for anxious pet owners worried about their anxious pets away from home. (This also helps us not to worry so much about your worried pet.) Pets arriving with any open wounds or recent surgeries may be turned away due to potential for infection from close proximity to many other pets. Please call us prior to check-in to talk about any special needs.

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