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A la Carte Options & Other Pet Services


Be sure to add-on your favorite options below to ensure your pet has the "full" resort experience!  Our most popular and frequently requested options are our Grooming services on or before check-out day, Nature Walks, Extra Playtime, and TV Snuggle Time.  Order a variety of Nature Walks, Extra Playtime, or TV Snuggle time for the package rate of 3 for $21.

  • Bathing, grooming or coat brushing
  • Nature Walks
  • Extra Playtime or Group Playtime
  • TV Snuggle Time
  • Frosty Paw treats or specialty snacks

Nature Walks

Your pets can enjoy a soothing leash walk with staff around our scenic property.  Nature walks allow pets to get a change of scenery and explore the property for up to 15 minutes.  Also ideal for pets that prefer grassy areas, and won't potty on our standard surfaces, the pea gravel play yards or concrete patio runs. $8 per pet or 3 for $21 per pet.

Extra Play or Group Playtime

Lodging pets are provided 4 - 5 or more outdoor play yard times per day with staff, in addition to use of their indoor-outdoor patio run door 7am to late evening daily.  Many families opt to add on additional play time with staff for pet comfort, as well as group playtime with the doggie daycare play groups during the week, Monday - Friday.  Group playtime is limited to pets that meet certain requirements and by approval. Be sure to request if you want frisbees, balls, or bubble time included in your extra play or group play sessions. $8 per pet or 3 for $21 per pet.

TV Snuggle Time

One of our most popular "Extras" by far, TV Snuggle time offers one on one time with your pet and staff to curl up in front of the TV for extra hugs and belly rubs before bed time.  TV time aids pets that are sensitive or nervous about being away from home and that need just a little extra lovin'. $8 per pet or 3 for $21 per pet.

Kitty "Laser Time"

Even the kitty guests need to get some romp and play time!  Our "Kitty Laser Time" provides lots of exercise for our kitty friends as they chase a laser beam light around the cattery while interacting with staff.  I think we have more fun watching this then the kitties do chasing the light beam!  A real hoot! $8 per pet or 3 for $21 per pet.

Kitty Extra Playtime

Kitties can enjoy playtime inside or outside in a secure fenced in area that is adjacent to the cattery. They can enjoy the scenery while watching the birds outside with a staff member or enjoy some loving and playtime with our staff inside. $8 per pet or 3 for $21 per pet.


Frosty Paws Frozen Treats

Homemade frozen 4 oz. yogurt, peanut butter and honey treats with banana! Also, stuffed peanut butter & treats Kong toy goodie, or tasty Pig ears, or Beggin' Strips & Pupperoni treat clusters too! Great for those anxious pets, or busy bee puppies, at bed time or anytime! $2 ea.

Snack Time


We include treats throughout the day and at bed time daily, but many families add-on some extra fun and yummy snacks that are great at bedtime or after playtime, to keep pets busy and relaxed: 

  • Kong Treats stuffed with peanut butter and crunchy biscuit bones
  • Beggin Strips
  • Pupperoni treats
  • Pig Ears 

These fun snacks are great at bedtime or after playtime sessions to keep pets busy and relaxed. $2 ea per kong treat or pig ear, or group of three beggin strips, or group of three pupperoni treats.

Our “Bark” Evans Country Breakfast or Hot Holiday Brunch

Prepared fresh, homemade breakfast of two scrambled eggs with melted cheese and 2 Beggin Strip bacon treats.! Awesome suggestion for Christmas Day Brunch! $6 ea.

Our “Bark” Evans Country Supper or Hot Holiday Dinner 

Let your pets enjoy a savory supper of grilled chicken over rice, topped with warm gravy and a side of pumpkin!  Yummy! $6 ea.

Holiday Guest Specials

Let your pets enjoy some extra special treats during the holidays. Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas Day morning brunch, holiday dinner, Christmas Eve bedtime story, “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” and our home-made frosty paw frozen pumpkin treats! Inquire at check-in! Pet photos with the Easter Bunny or Santa also offered periodically.

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